I offer group classes, private lessons and workshops
in German and English

My Teaching

I am happy to assist beginners with their first steps on the yoga mat, or guide you through a gentle yoga practice to improve body awareness and well-being, combining the practice with breathing and relaxation techniques.
With a background in acrobatics I enjoy physically challenging myself. With this experience I am able to motivate students who like to excel and learn more advanced postures. I enjoy teaching strong and dynamic classes.
Whatever your level –  the goal of yoga is the realization of the Self and settling the mind into silence. Physical postures help us concentrate our focus on what is happening on the inside, to let go of the ego and sometimes the effort, learning to walk new paths on and off the yoga mat. The best teacher is within ourselves on our journey of realizing contentment and peace.


Dharma Yoga
Dynamic Hatha Vinyasa Yoga of Sri Dharma Mittra.
Classical Yoga postures are practiced in basic flow sequences and can be adapted according to the individual level of the student, from beginner to advanced. Students are guided through basic breathing exercises and a deep relaxation at the end of the class.

Vinyasa Flow

Dynamic and consecutively built sequences are connected in a flow. Difficulty and intensity and be varied individually. Special focus is placed on the connection of movement and breath.



Ashtanga Vinyasa
Dynamic and powerful Hatha Yoga, as developed by Pattabhi Jois. Classical Yoga postures are synchronised with a breathing exercise (ujaji breath). The „Primary Series“ focuses on building strength in the upper body and opening the back side of the body.



Beginners, seniors and all those preferring a calm and gentle yoga practice will practice basic postures and exercises to strengthen and stretch the muscles, as well as exercises for breath and awareness and guided relaxation.




Dragon Dance – Thai Chi Yoga Flow
Elements from Thai Chi are combined with a yoga flow.the dancelike sequences are powerful, yet elegant. This moving meditation challenges the balance and trains the brain and is very vitalising.




Yin Yoga
Single asanas are held for a long time. The focus is to relax into a pose and to let the breath flow. This way deeper layers of tissue are stretched and blockages in the connective tissue and organs are released. Yin Yoga is a good balance to any active and powerful training and improves self-awareness and deep relaxation.



Breathing exercises to improve concentration, to extend life force and expand consciousness.






Office Yoga











Sri Dharma Photo: Dharma Yoga Center